Codex CM 550 Manual Cashier Terminal

The Orbility® Multipark Codex CM 550 Cashier Terminal is used for payment on foot or from vehicle at exit. It can process all types of transactions and accept all means of payment. It also allows printing of all types of 2D barcode tickets and cards.

This equipment is part of the Orbility® Multipark system.


  • Manages all types of transactions:

  • Hourly parking: payment for regular or lost ticket.

  • Pass-cards: payment for subscriptions and renewals,parking overstay payment.

  • Conference and event tickets: sale, parking overstay payment.

  • Sale of vouchers and Prepaid cards (in time or money, usable at entry/exit or as means of payment).

  • Various payment methods: cash, cheque, prepaid cards, vouchers, credit and debit cards.

  • Used for payment on foot or from vehicle at exit at manned kiosk.

  • Allows encoding of all types of tickets or cards:hourly tickets, pass cards, conference and event tickets, vouchers, prepaid cards.

  • Cashier management using secure access codesand  independent work sessions (shifts) enables transactions carried out by each cashier operator to be tracked for audit purposes.

  • Automatic or manual receipt printing.

  • Automatic or manual end of shift status report print out.

  • Record of transactions through Orbility® Multipark

  • Central Management System.

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