Codex BI/BVN 550 Simplified Terminal

Easy to use terminal with reduced maintenance, the BI/BVN 550 terminal controls the entry of vehicles to the car parks that are closed to hourly parkers during the night time. It can also be used to control access to nested areas. 

This equipment is part of the Orbility® Multipark system.


  • Reads and controls the validity of pass-cards, prepaid cards congress and event tickets (if barcode reader installed): time/place, black list.

  • Transmission in real time to the Orbility® Multipark Central Management System of alarms.

  • Operates in standalone mode in the event of loss of communication with the server. The E-Ticket platform manages printed tickets and broadcasts them to all equipment.

  • Activates the door closing access to the carpark or the barrier providing access to the nested area.

  • Button for intercom.

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'Codex BI/BVN 550 Simplified Terminal' product sheet