Multipark Web ParkAccess

ParkAccess is the web monitoring application of Multipark Web. Its access via an internet browser offers car park operators quick and intuitive connection to their parking systems.

The avantages of Multipark Web

  • All menus accessible in less than 3 clicks contributing to an improved efficiency for operators and a faster and easier ownership of the application.

  • An interactive event window for a more efficient troubleshooting and a better follow up of problem resolution.

  • Synthetic or detailed visualisation modes for a quick change over from centralised supervision to troubleshooting of problems, on a piece of equipment.

  • Screen optimisation displaying only the most pertinent information in order to improve readability.less relevant information is accessible in 1 click.

  • “Trendy” flat design “ developed in cooperation with web designers and ergonomists offering eye comfort to users.

  • Centralisation of equipment video streams including IP based cameras, ANPR and equipment display.

  • A unique title management window allowing operators to quickly search the history of all types of titles (pass cards, hourly, congress, events tickets…) while attending customers.

  • Dynamic and contextual display of guidelines providing fast trouble shooting and reduced staff training.

  • A full integration with the existing applications of the Multipark series.

  • Easy access to all car parks connected to the same network.

For more details download

'Multipark Web ParkAccess' product sheet