Andropark Mobile cashier terminal

Andropark is a mobile cashier application that runs on a ruggedized Android smartphone (CAT B15 or equivallent), connected to the Multipark server via Wifi or 4G*.


  • Andropark is a mobile cashier terminal running on a ruggedized smartphone. The application connects to the Multipark server via Wifi or 4G.

  • The payment process works as follows:

    • The cashier enters the ticket number printed on the ticket on the Andropark application and presses enter.

    • Andropark interrogates Multipark which answers with the price to be paid.

    • The cashier informs the customer about the price and validates the payment (cash, credit card with credit card payment terminal)

    • Andropark informs Multipark that the ticket has been paid.

    • The customer can then proceed to the exit. The receipt will be printed by the exit terminal on the entry ticket or on a bluetooth printer (option).

  • Payments are registered under the operator’s ID.

  • For higher security performances, no payment data is kept in the mobile cashier memory

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