Couponing solution Couponing printer

Used in shopping centres, the couponing printer allows shop owners and car park operators to offer parking discounts to hourly ticket users.

This equipment is part of the Orbility Multipark solution


  • Coding of a discount value on a 2D PDF 417 ticket voucher.

  • Coupon is printed by pressing on the front button of the printer (one discount).

  • Discount is granted after scanning the coupon on the barcode reader (optional) of the Pay On Foot or Cashier terminal (after insertion of the ticket).

  • Each coupon number is registered in the database of the Multipark system in order to avoid multiple usages (each coupon has a unique serial number).

  • The configuration of the type of discount (time, amount, percentage, tariff, flat fee) is done on the Multipark system.

  • Coupons contain a vendor code for usage report.

  • Coupon printer works Off-Line, perfect for installation in shopping centres.

  • Built in clock allows to define number of days of validity of coupons.

  • 3 buttons for choice of 3 types of discounts

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