Reflex EN/EX 430 Entry - Exit Terminal

Easy to use entry or exit terminals ensure continuous operation and efficient control of a car park’s entry and exit lanes. The terminals can be used in combination with a barrier.

This equipment is part of the Orbility® Multipark system.


  • Modern evolutionary design, easy to use and extremely reliable.

  • Reflex illuminated guiding system, intuitive and natural.

  • Colour LCD screen displaying straightforward user instructions.

  • Illuminated capacitive-button to request ticket (for entry terminal only).

  • Single card slot for pass card/credit card/ticket insertion and issue.

  • Capacitive-button intercom connecting to car park office or remote help desk.

  • Ticket issue for hourly users. Ticket is automatically retracted if the customer backs out of the access lane without taking the ticket.

  • Ticket reader will read and check the validity of pass-cards, conference/event tickets, and prepaid cards.

  • Checks dates, time bands, blacklist cards.

  • All transactions and alerts are transmitted in real time to the Orbility® Multipark Central Management System.

  • Equipment operates effectively in stand alone mode in the event of loss of communication with the

  • Orbility® Multipark Central Management System. The terminal’s memory stores transactions and alerts and transmits them when communication is restored.

  • Management and control of associated barrier in entry or exit lane.

  • Receives signal from induction loops when vehicle is present.

  • Controls manual opening of barrier.

  • Stolen ticket facility (entry terminal).

  • Anti-pass back (for pass card users).

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