Codex VA 550 On line validator

Used in shopping centres the VA 550 on line validators allow shop owners and car park operators to offer parking discounts by simply scanning the parking tickets.


  • Discounts are immediately applied in the Multipark database by scanning the parking ticket on the validator.

  • Up to 999 discounts can be configured and used by up to 255 issuers (shops).

  • Touch screen option allows cashier to select amongst 6 types of discounts and apply up to 4 discounts for the same ticket.

    The advantages of the solution

  • Only 1 ticket to scan at the POF.

  • Types and amount of discounts are centrally managed in the Multipark system (time, money, tariff change, flat fee, %).

  • Follow up of the usage of discount with Multipark reports.

For more details download

'Codex VA 550 On line validator' product sheet